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This website of mine is nothing fantastic, but maybe you can find in it something useful and interesting.       

 What you can find:                                                                               

  •   A little write-up about me .                                  
  •   Some videos I have taken with my digital camera.
  •   Mayflower Fellowship Group.  We meet once
      a month and take turns to host the gathering.                         
  •   Some oldies suitable for seniors.  
  •   Some Activities of Cyberguides.  These Cyberguides are
      IT-savvy seniors who volunteer to help other seniors master
      basic computer skills.
  •   Computer Lessons suitable for seniors.
  •   Some interesting Web sites for you to visit.
  •   Views to share with you.
  •   Emails of visitors expressing their views.
  •   And many more!   


  •   To e-mail me please click the bird.


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1.    Mayflower Christmas Dinner 2011

2.    Trip to Melbourne March 2010


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